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Coworking Space: The effective and affordable workplace of the future?

Digitization has long since changed the working behavior of the self-employed and employees. At that time, every company still had a classic office, today more and more modern forms of work such as the home office are gaining ground. So-called coworking is also part of this and is particularly popular in big cities. The participants benefit from the community in a coworking space and the flexible contracts. For all beginners, this article explains the basic principles of a coworking office, the costs, advantages and disadvantages and the current developments of coworking spaces.

This much is certain: a coworking office is a global trend. Because in 2007 there were only 14 coworking spaces, ten years later there were already 11,000. This year it should even be more than 26,000. These numbers are also related to the increasing number of freelancers and the space problems in big cities. But in order to be able to understand these developments, the principle of a coworking space should first be known.

Definition Coworking Space – What is it?

The term coworking and thus the definition of coworking space comes from English and means “working together”. The form of work originated in California’s Silicon Valley and describes a flexible workplace that is shared by several people. With coworking, a single desk is rented instead of an entire office. A special feature are also large open spaces. Large office spaces design, entire floors, lofts, former factory buildings and open-plan offices are therefore particularly suitable as building types .

Unlike a shared office or a temporary office, coworking spaces focus on the community. This means that coworkers work independently and freely from each other on different projects. But they often sit in the same room, so they can complement each other and benefit from the knowledge of others. The team spirit is still in the foreground in a coworking office.

How does a coworking space work?

The principle of a coworking space is simple and should generate particularly simple processes. Therefore, the tenants of a space normally receive an electronic key card with which the workplace can be reached at any time. Information about the rented space and details of the equipment are also noted on the card. In addition, most coworking spaces also offer personal contacts or a reception so that any questions that arise can be answered directly.

The equipment of a coworking space

If you rent a coworking space, you can look for inspiration in a team , but you can also work with concentration on your own. Overall, however, there are characteristics that every workplace in the coworking office should have. For example, there are certain standards of equipment. This includes the following items for coworking spaces:

  • writing desk
  • chair
  • roll container
  • office cabinet
  • shelf
  • flipchart
  • whiteboard

The rented workplace also offers the necessary infrastructure for the coworking office, including the following services:

  • Printer
  • scanner
  • fax machine
  • phone
  • projector

The exact equipment in the coworking office can vary somewhat depending on the provider, but it is always included in the rental price. The interior design also differs depending on the location, sometimes the space appears like an oversized living room or very simple and functional.

The 5 basic principles of a coworking space

Working in a coworking space and sharing work areas creates a special atmosphere that promotes constant exchange between members. All members act according to certain principles that make harmonious cooperation possible. These five basic principles in the coworking office are:

  • Community: The “we” feeling extends beyond work.
  • Cooperation: All members are a team and help each other.
  • Sustainability: Common spaces protect the environment and are therefore more sustainable.
  • Accessibility: The workspaces can be used at any time and are easily accessible.
  • Openness: Everyone is welcome in the community and is allowed to express their opinion.

It is important to know that regular events , workshops and get-togethers take place. The rental periods of the coworking spaces can always be flexibly defined. So if you want to test coworking for a few months first, you will find plenty of offers.

The largest providers of coworking spaces

Coworking is a global phenomenon and new coworking space ideas are regularly emerging on all continents. Two providers were able to assert themselves, which have the most locations with coworking offices:


The New York company for coworking spaces was only founded in 2010. Nevertheless, it is already one of the largest coworking providers worldwide and has over 650 locations. In Germany they are represented in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. In addition, there will soon be a branch in Cologne . What is striking about the WeWork coworking offices is that the spaces are usually several thousand square meters in size and yet very comfortably furnished.


Mindspace is a coworking startup from Israel and was founded in 2014. It mainly offers coworking spaces in Europe and the USA. The design of the rooms is always reminiscent of an oversized living room. Mindspace is also known for numerous events that are regularly held in the coworking office for the large community.


In addition to these two large providers, there are also smaller companies that have opened coworking spaces in numerous cities. These include, for example, rent24, the FriendsFactory, WorkRepublic, Satellite Offices, Regus or SPACES.

Cost of a coworking space

If you want to rent a coworking space, you have to decide between a “flex desk” and a “fix desk”. With the Flex Desk, the equipment at the desk is smaller and there is no entitlement to a specific space. The Fix Desk, on the other hand, is more expensive, but also offers better equipment and a permanent place in the workspace. However, a generally valid price for a space cannot be set for either system, because the costs differ depending on the location. As expected, it is cheaper in the country or in a suburb than in the big city. The prices for a flex desk are therefore around 200 euros, for a fix desk around 300 to 400 euros per month. In addition, day tickets for a coworking office are often available for 15 to 20 euros.

Benefits of a coworking space

Benefits of coworking the popularity of the new form of work makes it clear that the following advantages result from a coworking space:

  • Use in the coworking office is flexible in terms of time and uncomplicated.
  • The notice periods are short and therefore more practical than with classic office space.
  • A coworking space is financially cheaper than a normal office.
  • There are no equipment costs for the start.
  • The optimally used space in a coworking office more sustainable.
  • Despite different projects, it is possible to come up with ideas together.
  • There is a regular productive exchange among each other.
  • The various industries and professions are ideal for networking.

Disadvantages of a coworking space

Despite these numerous advantages, the following disadvantages should also be considered when deciding on a coworking space:

  • Due to the large rooms in the coworking office, there is sometimes a high volume level that disturbs concentration.
  • If you want to concentrate on working alone, you have to factor in higher costs accordingly.
  • With the flex desk in a coworking office, the workplace is set up a new every day.
  • If you live in the country, you have to cover a long distance to the next space.
  • It is not possible to help design the offices, so the existing situation cannot be changed.


Of course, a coworking space is not suitable for everyone, and the open and sociable atmosphere does not always suit one’s own tasks. But if you don’t mind, you can use the numerous advantages and benefit from the community. Because one thing is certain: the number of coworking spaces will continue to increase in the future. Due to the great variety in the cities and the different price models, it is worth comparing and visiting the coworking offices beforehand.

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