What Does Sent as Text Message Mean – (Full Explained)

Almost everyone uses messages as a daily way to communicate quickly with their loved ones, but it can be annoying when you try to text someone by iphone text message and it doesn’t go through. There are only two possibilities for the cause: either you have a poor internet connection, or your phone has functions activated that you are unaware of.

What is a Text Message

A text message, also known as a SMS (short message service) message, is a way to communicate with another person by sending a short message through a mobile phone or other device that supports text messaging. These messages can be sent and received between mobile phones, tablets, or computers, and typically contain text, but can also include symbols, emoticons, and even pictures or videos.

What does sent as text message mean on iPhone?

If you’re new to using an iPhone, you may be confused by the different colors used for text messages in the iMessage application. Typically, text messages sent and received through iMessage appear in blue, but if you’re sending or receiving text messages through a short message service (SMS), they’ll appear in green.

When you see a notification that says “Sent as Text Message,” it means that the message you sent was sent through SMS, rather than iMessage. This can happen if the person you’re texting doesn’t have an internet connection or if they’ve turned off their iMessage settings. Additionally, if the person you’re texting uses an android phone, your iMessage application may not be able to function properly and the message will be sent as SMS.

In summary, the “Sent as Text Message” notification on an iPhone indicates that the message was sent via SMS, instead of iMessage. This can happen when the receiver or sender doesn’t have access to the internet, or when the receiver has disabled their iMessage setting or using an android phone.

How to Send SMS from iPhone And What is iMessage in iPhone?


There are two ways to send messages on an iPhone to use the Message App.

  • iphone text message
  • iMessage

Like every text we have sent from other mobiles, a text message is a message. Let’s use the abbreviation SMS which is sent as text message in iphone

Similar to social media messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage allows users to send text messages as well as other types of media including photos, videos, and audio.

IMessage can only be sent between iPhone users. When both the sender and the recipient are iOS users, iMessage is enabled.

Internet access is necessary for iMessage to work.

The Reason Why my iPhone sending text messages instead of iMessages?

There are several reasons why your iPhone may send a message as an SMS instead of an iMessage:

  • The recipient’s device is not connected to the internet or their device not supports iMessage
  • The recipient has disabled their iMessage settings
  • The recipient’s phone number is not registered with Apple’s iMessage service
  • The recipient is not using an Apple device

When an iMessage can’t be sent, the message automatically gets sent as an SMS. this will show “Sent as Text Message” notification on your iPhone.

It’s also important to note that SMS has a character limit of 160 characters and you will have to pay carrier charges while sending SMS but iMessage is internet based and doesn’t charge you anything.

The Reason Why I Would Want to Send a Text Message

An Internet connection is required for sending an iMessage to a recipient. However, you can send your iphone text message if you are aware that the user to whom you are sending the text does not have a strong internet connection.

It is a simpler method to transmit the text message because it is an unencrypted format and may be delivered without the use of an internet connection.

Which should I use—iMessage or Text?

With your iPhone buddies, you’ll probably use iMessage, and with your Android friends, SMS texts. Although SMS text messages are unlimited and iMessage does require data, you might want to remain with SMS if you have a monthly data plan.

What Does Delivered vs. Sent as a Text Message Mean?

What does send as text message meaning the difference between sending a text message and having it delivered is straightforward. When you see a green-colored bubble on the “Sent as Text Message” notification, it means that the message has been uploaded to the messaging network but has not yet been seen or read by the recipient. This can happen if the recipient’s internet connection is slow. Once the recipient reconnects to the internet, the message will be delivered and they will be able to see it.

On the other hand, when a message is delivered, it is indicated by a blue-colored bubble beneath the text. This means that the message has been downloaded by the messaging network and the recipient has received and read the message.

When a message is being delivered, it is a sign that the conversation between the sender and recipient is going well and both have a stable internet connection. For successful message delivery, it is important that both the sender and the recipient have strong internet connections.

How do I activate or deactivate iMessage?

By navigating to Settings and click on Messages then selecting the button iMessage at the top of your screen, you can quickly turn on or off iMessage features.



iMessages can occasionally be sent as text message in iphone like SMS or MMS text messages. If the recipient doesn’t own an Ios device, has travelled abroad, has turned off iMessage, or has blacklisted your number, this will start happening. Even when there are alternative ways to reach the person, it’s important to understand why your communications weren’t delivered.

Your contact’s service provider’s servers have received a “SENT” message, but it has not yet arrived in their inbox. A “DELIVERED” signal, however, indicates that the message has already arrived at the inbox or mobile device of your contact. Whichever the situation, you should wait 72 hours before sending your message again to prevent spam your recipient.

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