Best 4 ERP Systems for Small Businesses

Topic: Top 4 ERP Systems for Small Businesses

What Is ERP?

ERP is the most used software in this rapidly evolving business landscape. If you want to maintain the core of your business, you need the Enterprise Resource Planning system. This system can manage your multiple tasks like, financing, human resource, and Inventory management. Selecting the right ERP for small business can be a hectic task for you. To make it easier we have listed the 4 best ERP for small business.

What you Need to Consider Before Integrating ERP?

Before diving into deep it’s very crucial what you need to consider before integrating the top ERP system for your small business.

  1. Cost of ERP:

You are a small business owner, Cost is an important aspect of your business if you are a small business owner. Firstly, look at the subscription and maintenance cost.

  1. Scalability According to your Business:

Check this first to see if your ERP system align with your business model or will it cope under pressure.

  1. Easy to train:

Your ERP system should be quick to implement and should be easy to train according to your business.

  1. Cloud Capabilities:

You should not be restricted to any place to use your system. It should be a cloud erp small business system which you can operate from anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamic 365: 

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Application is offering the suite of cloud-based ERP solutions. Microsoft dynamic is easily accessible globally. You can easily access this from various devices like browsers, mobile devices, computers and moreover on tablets.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamic 365:

  • One of the best key features of Microsoft Dynamic 365 is its integration with Microsoft products like Excel, Word, Outlook, OneNote, Powerpoint and many more to ease collaboration within organizations.
  • Automated AI based workflows is also the key feature of their ERP after knowing the market demand on this specific thing, it not only fulfills the market demand but also efficiently manages the automated workflows like billing, accounting processes and sometimes can help you with decision making.
  • It has excellent global risk compliance and regulatory features which makes it an exception.
  • “Tell Me” Feature enables search and navigation within the system. Availability of customization tools like API and VS codes to align with systems specific needs. 


Epicor stands out for its efficient offering varying to market needs. This provides cloud based as well as on premise ERP solutions for small business. 

Why Choose Epicor?

  • To manage the sale cycle Epicor is offering the Quote and order management system which enables the efficient sales process from start to finish. It includes business tracking and sales management.
  • Epicor’s key feature is it provides advanced tools to understand the real time trends and market demands which help to take the data driven decisions. 
  • To optimize the best supply chain mechanism, Epicor is providing the robust inventory management feature. This enables you to easily streamline the purchase order, inventory receipt and directly link to the real time inventory. 
  • Epicor is providing the embedded warehouse management functionality, where orders are directly sent to scanners to increase the efficiency and make paperless picking.


Infor is a newly launched player in the ERP software market like Microsoft and SAP offers industry-based ERP solutions tailored with the needs of your small sized businesses the best erp for small business. 

Why Choose Infor?

  • It enables the connectivity of both external and internal of the business. 
  • It enables connectivity, visibility, and collaboration.
  • Include the ML model same as the Microsoft Dynamic 365.
  • Enable automatic upgrades and enable access to apps and data.


No doubt, SAP is a global leader in enterprise software solutions. SAP efficiently helps the industries to leverage efficient solutions through their cutting-edge technologies.

Why Choose SAP?

  • SAP is famous for its integration of technologies. By investing in IOT, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. These technologies are integrated in its ERP system which enables it to work more efficiently and make it a market giant.
  • Cybersecurity is now arising globally with SAP S/4HANA. Your sensitive data will be secure and ensure compliance with regulations and market standards.
  • With SAP business ByDesign model, A business can efficiently automate the business process by the prebuild in business scenarios. This helps in decision making and reduces more errors. 


Now this is clearer to you, which is the best ERP for small business. This article will help you to choose the system within your cost range and especially the system which helps you to fit in the market whether it’s trend based or AI based. 

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