7 Reasons Why Cyber Security Degree Worth It

When we are talking about a Cyber Security Degree, the top reason in today’s tech world is every system needs security and protection. In 2019 alone there were 4.1 billion cases reported of hacking,  hacking is an immense issue, to make every system protected Large companies and governments need protection.  Therefore, This is why studying cyber security is worth it. 

Here are seven reasons why a cyber security degree is worth it. 

Jobs Opportunities In Cybersecurity 

When you are pursuing a degree you want to work in that field, and want to earn money after completion of the degree, because when you are working hard for a degree to become something you don’t want anything that will push you to a dead end. 

There is a probability of the growth of industry and it will be predicted to continue growing in future. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) There will be a high rise in salaries of cyber security Analysts in 2028 – 2029.  

Cyber Security Internships

While pursuing a degree and learning about cyber security fundamentals, an internship is the greatest way to learn about any field by doing practical implementation and working under the professionals of that particular industry.

When you learn something from a degree but now you want to implement those skills and develop knowledge then an internship is your way to go. 

There are numerous platforms from where you can get internship updates like Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor and many more you can choose according to your choice, and start applying if you want to do an internship in cyber security. 

Cybersecurity professionals demand in all industries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Demand for Cyber security professionals are increased by more than 30%, many companies tends to hire 25% of cyber security employees in their companies, there are many roles and jobs to pursue as a cyber security professional like Cybersecurity Analyst, Security auditor, cyber security specialist, cybersecurity consultant, and many more. 

Lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals

Many companies are struggling to find qualified professionals in cyber security that will cost them the growth of cyberattacks. Every 40 seconds there are cyber-attacks occurring everywhere in the world. It is difficult to stop those attacks due to cyber attacks companies may lose $13 million on average that is the reason companies are struggling to find cybersecurity professionals. 

Cybersecurity Professionals Earn High Salaries

The cyber security industry is growing day by day, so the salaries and demand of specialists in the industry are increasing too. To become the highest-earning Cyber security specialist in the industry you must have to define your educational and professional preferences. 



Cybersecurity Career Options Are Growing Faster Than Other Sectors

Cyber Security the career which will become the most demanding career for decades, there are many reasons to pursue a Masters degree in Cyber security, there are more than US$420,000 salary of Chief Information Security Officer in San Francisco, if you’re wondering is a masters degree in cyber security worth it, than the answer would be yes, Masters Degree in Cyber security is worth your investment and time. 

Flexible Cybersecurity Degree Programs Are Available

In Today’s era of technology and advancement there is an advantage of learning anything anywhere according to your time and requirement, to pursue a master’s degree there are many online resources available that are providing online cyber security degrees. Now it’s your turn to decide whether all these reasons are enough to motivate you to earn a cyber security degree. 

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