3 Ways on How to Find Someone’s IP Address

Have you ever pondered whether how to find someone’s ip address other than yourself? As it happens, you can!

You may be interested to get someone’s IP address for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to unplug that annoying device that keeps trying to connect to your Wi-Fi. Or maybe you’re attempting to locate someone using their IP address in order to verify where they are. In any event, there are a few useful tips for determining someone’s IP address. Everything you need to know about spying on someone’s IP address, broken down for you by me!

What’s an IP Address?

Consider all of the online devices as living in one enormous neighborhood—the World Wide Web. How can you distinguish the location of one gadget from another? It’s like attempting to locate a certain individual in an endless maze on Earth.

Each gadget in the online world has an IP address, which is a unique location, just as every person on Earth has a unique physical address.

IP stands for Internet Protocol, and each IP address is assigned a unique set of numbers by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is involved because when you connect to the Internet, you initially establish a connection with a network that is online. An IP address is assigned to your device by your ISP and is used for data transmission and reception. The Internet cannot process your data requests or provide you with the information you’re seeking for if you do not have an IP address. Ultimately, in the absence of an address, how would the requested data find its way back to you?

There are two types of IP addresses:

The IP address that your ISP assigned to your network router is known as its public IP address.

Private IP address: Your device has a private IP address that is exclusive to it.

Prior to delving into the remainder of the blog, it’s imperative to comprehend that your public IP address is often what folks find when they obtain your IP. It is noteworthy, nevertheless, that hackers and law enforcement agencies are not immune to discovering a person’s secret IP address.

Try an IP Lookup Tool

Skill Level: Easy

Using one of the various internet IP lookup programs is the simplest method to find or track someone’s IP address. This is possible because customers’ routers are assigned public IP addresses by internet service providers (ISPs). You can use tools on websites such as WhatIsMyIPAddress.com or WhatIsMyIP.com to enter an IP address and retrieve results from their public register, which is available for free.

It’s crucial to remember that while most of the information on these public registries is current, occasionally it may not be. The geolocation information associated with an IP address is derived from large databases held by other parties rather than providing real-time data. Consequently, rather than coming from a live server or device, the data you find while searching for an IP address comes from an IP geolocation database provider.

Make sure to cross-verify the IP address information you discover using another lookup tool to ensure its accuracy.

Using Email Headers

Contrary to some information on the internet, finding someone’s IP address through email headers isn’t always guaranteed. While certain email headers may contain accessible IP address information in your inbox, the majority of emails from family and friends typically won’t provide this data.

Emails that readily disclose IP address information are usually marketing emails, particularly those detailing the Sender Policy Framework (SPF). SPF is a protocol that outlines who can use an organization’s domain to send emails, preventing email spoofing.

If you receive a marketing email, you can indeed look up the IP address used to send it. It’s essential to note that companies sending marketing emails often have multiple email servers, and you’ll see one of several servers authorized to send emails for that domain.

Let’s take an example of finding the sender’s IP address in a marketing email from Levi’s, using Gmail:

Navigate to the email in your inbox and open it to view the full contents.The shortened inbox view does not provide access to IP information.

Tap the Three Dots: In the top right corner, you’ll see three dots in a vertical line. Hover over them, and you should see the word “more.” Click or tap on the three dots to expand the dropdown menu.

Choose “Show Original”: Click “show original,” and a new page will open displaying the email headers. If it’s a marketing email, you’ll find rows for “SPF,” “DKIM,” and “DMARC.”

Check the “SPF” Field: The “SPF” field should indicate something like “PASS with IP” Next to the IP address, you’ll find a link to “Learn More.” To learn more about how Gmail tackles spoofing and spam, click this page.

Look Up the IP Address: The IP address you see refers to an email server the company uses, usually close to your location. Copy and paste the IP address into an online lookup tool like whatsmyip.com to gather more information about the server’s location.

Accessing Command Prompt

Skill Level: Hard

Using a computer, you can uncover someone’s IP address directly through a command prompt. This not only aids in identifying a website’s IP address but also facilitates pinpointing an individual’s IP address. The tool is typically pre-installed on most computers.

For Windows PCs, you can launch a command prompt from the search box in the Start menu. On Mac computers, you’ll find the application named ‘Terminal’ (located in the Utilities folder or accessible through a spotlight search), where you can open a command prompt.

Upon opening the command prompt, a black screen will appear. From here, you can test the reachability of an IP using a ping. A ping will try to establish a connection between your device and the one associated with the IP address you’re seeking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I trace someone’s IP address?

The most straightforward method to trace someone’s IP address is to utilize IP lookup tools like WhatIsMyIPAddress.com, Advanced IP Scanner, Angry IP Scanner, BlueCat, and Solarwinds.

How do I obtain someone’s IP address using CMD?

  • Obtaining someone’s IP address through CMD is quite simple. Just follow these steps:
  • Open the Command Prompt (cmd) in Windows.
  • Type “ping” followed by the URL of the website you want to check.
  • Once you receive the IP address, use an IP lookup tool to gather additional information.

How to Discover an IP Address:

If you’re looking to find someone’s IP address, you can employ various methods, including using an IP lookup tool, checking email headers for the sender’s IP, and running command prompts. Be cautious, as others can use these methods for potentially malicious purposes. It’s essential to be discerning about online communication.

Information Revealed by an IP Address:

While an IP address won’t pinpoint an exact location, it discloses data such as zip code, city, state, country, ISP, device, and browser. Coupled with other online data like cookies and metadata, IP address information reveals even more details.

Tracking an IP Address to a House:

Directly tracing an IP address to a specific house is nearly impossible. IP addresses are assigned by ISPs and are associated with general locations, not precise physical addresses.

Legality of IP Address Tracing:

Tracing an IP address is legal as long as it’s not for criminal purposes. Internet-used IP addresses are public, and every internet activity traces your IP address. Websites routinely trace your IP when you click on links or access their content.

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