Get Paid Today – 5 Best Instant Money Apps of 2021

If you are facing any difficulty anywhere, facing trouble like a flat tire, and you have less money to fix that problem, you don’t need to worry about there are some apps that help you out in your trouble situations. So now you are thinking about what apps can pay you instantly

These five apps can help you let a small amount like Earnin, Dave, Brigit, Chime, and MoneyLion in an emergency situation.

5 Best Instant Money Apps


Lowest fees: Earnin is the lowest fees app which pays you instantly and doesn’t charge fees and interest; this app has a feature of tracking your hours worked, by following your location or timesheet, when you sign up on this app, this app will track your work hours and earning to keep track of your earnings.

Tracking of Eligibility: After tracking your working hours, this app will pay you according to the work you have done but haven’t got paid; this app will debit your account when you receive your next paycheck.

Draft Amount: In starting, you can get 100$, but when you are used to this app, you can withdraw up to $500.

App Supporting Tip: There are no fees attached to this app, but you can be able to support the app by giving tips that are $14 automatically, but you can set it up to $1.50


Small Advances: Dave is best for a slight amount of advances. They will help you get a small amount of money before getting your next paycheck without over-drafting your bank account. If you are facing trouble and don’t have funds available in your account, Dave will help you get a small advance, but you have to pay them back as soon as you receive your next paycheck.

Draft Amount: If you are a Dave user, you can withdraw from $5 to $200, but if you don’t have a Dave spending account, you can use $5 to $100.

App Supporting Tip and Fee: Dave will charge a small amount fee of $1 per month, but you can pay them a tip to support them if you want to.

Funding Speed: If you’re a standard user, you will get your money within three days, but you can get your money within 8 hours if you’re an express user.


Why Brigit: Brigit is another app that pays you instantly as well as helps you to manage your budget, you can get up to $250 whenever you need it, but you have to subscribe to their paid plan, which includes all the features of the free plan. All you need to do is connect your checking account with your employer’s at least three months of direct deposit record. After setting up the account now, you can get advance cash on your upcoming paychecks.

Drafting Amount: You can withdraw $50 to 250$ according to your income.

App Supporting Fee: Basic membership of Brigit is free, but if you want to upgrade, their paid plan will cost you $9 per month. There is no interest or tips, unlike Earnin or Dave.

Auto Advance Feature: An auto-advance option will save your account from over-drafting by analyzing your habits on your monthly spendings.


Why Chime: Chime is a company that is associated with the spending account of a chime. By using this app, you will get your paycheck faster. You can get your Amount with the help of the SpotMe feature without any additional charges. You will need Chime’s account with at least $200 to qualify for direct deposit.

Drafting Amount: you can get a $20 to $200 amount; according to your account activity, it will increase. You will get your money instantly without any delay.

App Supporting Fee or Tip: You can say that this is one of the best instant money apps as there aren’t any fees, and the company will ask you for the tip if you want to.


Why MoneyLion:  This app is a multi-financial app with an investment account, credit builder loan, and many more to help you out with their instant services.

Drafting Amount:  You can get $25 to $250, but only MoneyLion users can instantly get the enormous Amount.

App Supporting Fee or Tip: There isn’t any monthly fee or paying tip optional in MoneyLion; there is only a transaction fee for instant delivery of MoneyLion users $3.99 and $4.99 for instant delivery non-MoneyLion users.

Bottom Line

Without these apps, your days will be like a massive burden between your paycheck days, but these apps will help you to get paid instantly. With these best money apps, you will be a little stressed by early access to money.


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