Top Employee Training Software for Your Business

One of the biggest responsibilities of managers and business owners is to train employees. Thankfully, this has been made easier by way of employee training software, which also facilitates distance learning. From PASMA training to food safety training, there are a number of industries that can benefit from the top employee training software.
Well-trained employees are the key to a successful business, which is why it’s so important to select the right employee training software for your company. Detailed below are some of the top employee training software to get your team in the best position possible.


First up is Apty, a digital adoption platform that contains content creation tools. These tools can be used to create interactive, in-app step-by-step guides and top tips to bolster software proficiency and employee productivity. Meanwhile, businesses are able to track the progress of their employees’ training via the platform. This is on top of the ability to track the overall usage and performance of a company’s software stack.
Each business gets presented with a custom quote, and the platform boasts cross-platform capabilities. As a result, Apty is great for customizability, making it a great choice for a number of industries.

ProProfs Training Maker

Secondly is ProProfs, which boasts a suite of software tools that enables companies in the building of their employee training and development programs. This is achieved by way of its “Training Maker”, which allows businesses to create customer e-learning content and courses. Meanwhile, a help center is provided via its “Knowledge Base”, which gives employees a platform to find solutions to their issues. This help comes in the form of an FAQ-like section. Additionally, HR managers and departments can test their employees using the platform’s “Quiz Maker” to assess whether they’ve retained the necessary information from their onboarding and training.


Next up is LearnUpon, which has a suite of tools to measure, monitor, assign, and build corporate employee learning programs and training, all within a centralized hub. The platform gives companies the ability to build knowledge bases in which employees can find answers to business policies. In addition, there are specific features available to streamline the onboarding process, as well as any development programs. Similarly, the platform contains training features directed towards particular teams, including sales training and other specifics.
The platform costs a minimum of $699 per month for as many as 50 users and boasts a number of features that make it ideal for a number of industries.


Penultimately is TalentLMS, which is a corporate LMS platform that places its focus on employee business training software, onboarding, and compliance training. As a result, the platform enables companies in their ability to craft interactive e-learning courses quickly and easily. Moreover, the platform is mobile-friendly, giving employees a space in which they can learn at their own pace. This is on top of easy-to-use content creation tools that allow companies to make their training accessible while still corresponding with their all-important branding.
The platform costs a minimum of $59 per month for as many as 40 users and sits among the most user-friendly solutions.


Last but certainly not least is Whatfix, which facilitates the building of e-learning programs by businesses for employees. In order to become proficient employee training system, they will follow interactive guides as provided by the app. This is in addition to self-support knowledge bases, which give employees the ability to learn independently without IT support. On top of this, team members are able to get the most return on investment from their software platforms by way of evolving features that continue to develop.

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