A Guide for Switching Mobile Phone Plans in Australia

As a mobile plan user in Australia, you are allowed to cancel your contract with a provider and switch to a new one at any time. However, there are restrictions depending on your mobile phone plan. For instance, some of the plans contain contract termination fees determined by individual companies. But if you have decided to switch to another provider, the tips highlighted here will guide you in this process.

Don’t Terminate the Old Provider Before Activating the New One

When switching to a new provider, you may be tempted to terminate the old provider contract before applying for a new one with the new provider.  This terminates the old contract and deactivates your phone number, which means you may not access services such as calls, and text services in case of an emergency. Termination fees are written in the contract, which means you should look at it before settling for a mobile phone plan. While some providers have fixed charges for these fees, others may charge a penalty as a percent of the remaining time of the contract.

Number Porting Options for Your New Mobile Phone Plan

Most people switching mobile phone plans in Australia prefer keeping their existing phone numbers. Considering that providers understand this issue, they offer the possibility of retaining the number in their service in a process called number porting. As seen above, a provider would be unable to port an old inactive number. Thus, before switching your provider, do not cancel the existing mobile phone number to allow number porting. After signing the new contract and porting, you can then cancel your existing contract.

Picking Mobile Phone Plans Australia

When considering the switching options, you will consider that some providers for your existing contract may have the device locked to that provider. This means that you cannot use the handset on other networks or a new plan. Thus, some providers may expect you to pay an unlocking fee, which also varies across providers. Some of this information you can get from online communities and Q and A sites such as Quora. In such communities, you can ask all the questions on the issues you have and most often, you would get good guidance.

Talk to Higher Authorities if Unsatisfied

Based on contract terms, you may have a serious complaint with your existing provider, which may need address by higher authorities. Don’t be afraid. Use the standard complaint procedure and make sure you explicitly explain your dissatisfaction and issues. The higher authorities will force your provider to solve your problem and also you can pursue the case further with the office of the industry’s Ombudsman when you have unsolved issues. However, consider switching to only trusted providers to avoid scams and to have guaranteed interventions from the authorities in case of an issue.

So, it is important to understand the repercussions of changing before switching. If you don’t want higher termination fees and unlocking fees, you should then consider all these factors before switching or signing any mobile phone plan in Australia.



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