The Future of Your Company Relies on Employee Recognition: Here’s how an LMS can help

According to a report by Forbes, employee recognition will become even more important hereafter. More and more employees are now valuing respect and recognition over their compensation. You don’t have to go overboard with rewards and recognition by giving pricey gifts and stuff. Sometimes simply praising the employee in front of other employees can do the job. An additional benefit of this is that it will motivate other employees to work hard and achieve your applause.


This is not some rare knowledge that I am sharing with you. Managers and CEOs have known the importance of recognition for a long time now. However, with the hectic life where they don’t find enough time to even celebrate the success of a big project, appreciating and rewarding employees for their small and big achievements is something that they have missed doing.

The good news is that a Learning Management System can help you with this.

Here’s how an LMS can help you with rewards and recognition


Gamification refers to giving your LMS a game-like look and feel. We are not actually talking about games but the fun, thrill, and excitement that come with them. You can transform how the courses are presented to the employees- from plain and boring to fun and vibrant.

Moreover, you can add game-like elements, for example, some coins or points after completing a course. Maybe extra points for getting full marks in the assessment. Anything that makes the whole course interesting and fun. Don’t overdo it. Your employees are grown-ups, so strike a nice balance. Including gamification elements isn’t really difficult. Modern LMSs like Docebo LMS make it easy to include gamification.


If you think only giving points on the LMS is too weak to be called a medium of rewarding the employees, then you can accompany these game coins with actual incentives or rewards. This reward can either be money or some nice gift. When choosing this reward, make sure the reward is something the employees will love to have.


Another thing you can try is using leaderboards on the LMS. We talked about points, right? You can have a leaderboard to keep track of employees with the highest points. Keep the leaderboard live. Declare a winner every month and reward them with something special. Give them a real gift or cash. You might think of it as a very childish attempt, but this attempt will appeal to the child within the grownup’s mind. Employees would certainly be motivated to win the same reward and recognition as the other employees did.

Recognizing the projects

On completion of an assignment or task, you can make the assignments available on a discussion board. Ask your managers to pick on a project that they think was the best and explain why they think it was good. Allow the other employees to share their opinions on different projects as well. Winning the praise of the manager as well as the peers is a good way to recognize the efforts an employee has invested in the assignment.

Congratulate employees in front of the community

You can have some milestones on the LMS. For example, 100 hours of learning. Once someone completes it, you can post about the employees who achieved that milestone in the community. This post might be an automated post, but it is enough to give an employee the recognition he was waiting for.

Considering employees’ Feedback

Another way of recognizing your employees is by asking for their feedback. Everyone loves to see their opinions being heard and valued. With an LMS, you can give your employees a chance to give constructive feedback. If you have started working on any feedback, let them know. It is a good way of improving your course as well as giving your employees the satisfaction of being valued.

Bottom line

Think of an employee as a normal human being, and it would be easy for you to understand why they appreciate some recognition from the management. The new employees value job satisfaction over salary. Therefore you need to put extra effort into creating a good company culture and train your managers on how to appreciate the efforts of your employees at the right time.



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