– What It Is And How It Works?

It is an online platform that provides the luxuries of content processing to check plagiarism and content paraphrasing to make it look fascinating. 

This blog post will guide you enough to take benefits from this site. 

After reading this article, you can start using the services on this platform after taking a short glance at its interface. 

Let’s discuss it briefly. A Brief Introduction

With a seven-year legacy, 10K+ reviews, and half a million active users worldwide, this site provides one of the most outstanding plagiarism-checking, paraphrasing, and grammar-check services. 

With the help of its free services, you can process up to 800 words to make your write-up look formidable. 

However, its premium version can take this word limit to approximately 30000. It does not matter whether you are a student, a teacher, a blogger, or a content creator; you can use the facilities on this site to make your content unique and matchless.

 First, we will highlight the facilities on this site operate.

Working of

The most used tool by is its plagiarism detector. It lets you check plagiarism of any length and performs deep analysis. 

After accessing its plagiarism checker, you need to paste your text into its input box, or you can drop a file from your device by clicking the “Dropbox” or “upload file” option to process your material as per your desired option.

The tool will start its process, and compare your given text with the content b million of websites available on the internet. After performing its due action, this AI-based tool will provide you with the results. 

If plagiarism is found in the content, then, you can make further modifications in the output as per the given result to make that catchier and more befitting.

To remove plagiarism you can paraphrase your plagiarized content using its paraphrasing tool.

You learn the number of syllables, average word length, sentence length, number of paragraphs, and percentage of difficult words. 

Furthermore, you also learn your article’s estimated reading and speaking time. 

Now, we will mention a few of the features of this imperious service.

Features of


Below are some outrageous and swashbuckling features that make this service stand out against its competitors.

Facilitates Deep Search

The services at this site analyze your text deeply to look for signs of improvement to make it better. It checks your given data against billions of pages available on the internet to compare and contrast the presentation of your material to provide you with reliable results. 

Therefore, the output you get from this service is pinpoint and accurate, with no chance of any mistake.

Compatibility with All Devices

This service is compatible with all devices, including smartphones, desktops, and tabs. That’s why you don’t have to use a specific device to cherish the luxuries provided by this fantastic website. Moreover, you can run it on any browser, including Chrome, internet explorer, and Firefox.

No Installation and No Ads

To use the services on this channel, you don’t have to download or install any program to enjoy the offered perks. Instead, you only need to open the site and start using its services instantly. 

Moreover, you don’t have to watch any advertising ads while using the tools, which usually happens in the case of some other services, which lowers the productivity rate.

Downloadable Reports

Another significant aspect of this utility is the ability to download reports in PDF format. Therefore, you can keep a record of your performed tasks to manage your files. 

Moreover, you can share those reports with your clients to inform them about the quality of articles you have written for them if you write web content. 

Consequently, you succeed in winning their confidence for a more extended time.

Multi User Login

With the premium version of this tool, you not only get access to process lengthy textual files, but you also get a multi-user login. 

As a result, it helps you raise the productivity rate of your time because you can quickly process your content and make it ready for publishing on the web. 

Otherwise, if only one person in your team processes multiple files using the free version, you may save time as a team, which is not an excellent sight to observe.

Why Using Online Tools Is Necessary.

When you write articles, either academic or non-academic, you must maintain the element of uniqueness in your content. 

Otherwise, your credibility gets damaged if you use others’ sentences in your words because copying is a serious offense. 

Therefore, before passing your articles to your teachers or clients, you should get them checked with the help of online tools like a plagiarism checker and a paraphrasing tool. 

If the plagiarism detector detects the slightest copying, you can remove those parts by taking help from a paraphrase tool.

Final Remarks

Copying is a severe curse. It can give you short-term success but will haunt you in the longer race. Using the online tools available on the above-discussed site, you can quickly eliminate this harmful element.

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