Top 05 Free Digital Marketing Tools You Require In 2022

Digital marketing is the key to success. But which tools are great for it?

Experts predict digital marketing to be worth around 786 billion by the year 2026. So, it’s no wonder everyone wants to jump on board and make a profit off digital marketing.

But, in order to get ahead of the competition, digital marketing requires the assistance of tools. Why is that? And which tools should you use? Let’s find out.

Defining Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses the internet and mobile technologies to reach customers. Digital marketing channels are the various methods that businesses employ to reach customers through digital technologies.

It is a type of marketing that has gained a lot of attention in the past few years. Since digital marketing is an integral part of business and more and more companies are investing in it, we will see its growth in the future as well.

The main purpose of digital marketing is to get more traffic for the website or app, increase sales, build brand awareness and create customer loyalty. The goal for any company that wants to use digital marketing is to get more customers through their website or app by using different tactics like:

  • Advertising through paid channels;
  • Running social media campaigns;
  • Using blogs and websites as a means to generate organic traffic;
  • And using email marketing to generate awareness.

All these factors make digital marking a must-have in 2022.

Importance Of Using Digital Marketing Tools

Using a digital marketing tool in 2022 isn’t an uncommon practice. Instead, it’s one of the leading factors of successful marketing strategies. And there are three reasons behind that, such as:

·       Better Planning

The first reason is the fact that digital marketing tools help with better planning. When you’re making a strategy, you need to pin everything down to the last resource. So, this requires you to decide where you’re going to make the most of your content.

And it also involves which platforms or content types you’re going to use. Thus, digital marketing tools help with this much more efficiently.

·       Thorough Content Creation

Content creation is the backbone of any content marketing strategy today. So, when you’re using tools to help you, your content creation is much more efficient and thorough. So, using content creation tools as assistants in digital marketing is one of the key aspects of success.

·        Acting According To Metrics

A lot of digital marketing is about metrics. Using the right tools to find metrics about your website and blog can help you plan much more efficiently.

Top 05 Free Digital Marketing Tools You Require In 2022

In order to stay ahead in digital marketing, you need a blend of tools. This means you’ll need assistance in content creation and understanding of metrics. So, we’ve picked five tools to help you with that. Here they are:

1.   Google Analytics – Website & Blog Analytics


Google Analytics is the first tool on our list, and for a good reason. This remarkable analytics service allows you to understand your website and blog metrics. It’s one of the extensions of Google’s Marketing Platform, mainly used by businesses and marketers.

That’s why you need this tool in your arsenal to understand the performance of your website. Then, you also need this to ensure that your website and the content within it are performing according to your requirements,

2.    Paraphraser – For Effective Content Creation


Paraphraser.io is one of the best paraphrasing tools available today. This outstanding rephraser has become the primary choice for many writers, and so digital marketers use it profusely. Not only for its content creation abilities but also for its ability to render content more fluent and easy to read.

Why should you use this tool in your digital marketing? The reasons are too many, such as:

  • Four content modes to help you achieve a specific content tone for your target audience;
  • Reword over 500-words at a time;
  • Rephrase content in various languages;
  • Rephrase quickly and efficiently.

So, the paraphraser doesn’t only save a lot of time but effort as well. This tool should be on your priority list to write outstanding content for your marketing campaigns.

3.    SEMRush – For Keywords & SEO


SEMRush is a smaller SEO suite compared to google, but it offers equally dependable tools. Allowing you to tend to your content’s keyword requirements and technical SEO, this tool is a must-have for any beginner in marketing.

From analyzing your content to your audience’s behavior, this tool tends to all the metrics and provides you a means to deal with them. So, using this tool should be on your list if you’re new to digital marketing.

4.    Check Plagiarism – To Ensure Originality


Check-plagiarism is one of the best tools in terms of finding plagiarism. You need this in your marketing strategy because, quite frankly, there are no plagiarism finders that match the abilities of this tool.

Why exactly is that? Let’s look at what this tool offers:

  • Allows you to check the content of around 2000-words at a time;
  • Scans thoroughly through search engines and other online databases;
  • Find plagiarism in the nooks and crannies of your text;
  • Allows you to analyze the percentage and compare the plagiarized text against the original;
  • Locate the source of the original content.

These factors alone should be more than enough to convince most content creators. So, to ensure the originality of your content in digital marketing, use this tool to stand out.

5.    Mailchimp – For Email Marketing


MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools available today. The reason behind that is simple, it does everything, so you don’t have to. It automates your emails and sends them to your target audience without you having to move a muscle.

You can use it for free for a time, but later it might come at a minor price. However, the benefits outweigh the number of dollars you spend on it. So, every new digital marketer needs this in their tool shed.


These are some of the best free digital marketing tools you can use today. Not only can you employ them to convert your digital marketing plan into an actionable strategy, but you also create content efficiently and analyze them for better results.

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