5 Reasons Why Individual Door Alarms Add Value to Storage Unit


Individual unit alarms let the owner and operator know when a contravention occurs, The safety standards of this system will ensure that your individual storage unit is safe and secure and can only be accessed by an authorized individual. This means that your storage facility is more secure than your competitor’s. Individual door alarms for storage units are a hot issue for any storage unit owners and operators, as these alarms for storage units will make your storage unit more secure than your opponent’s.  

Here are some reasons why individual door alarms add value to any storage technology.

1. Access Control System

While focusing on new technologies, shop owners tend to need more security. When looking for a security system, the top thing that comes up in the self-storage owner’s mind is the access control system. It is a way to keep their sites more secure than anything else. The access control system still works perfectly if they are accessed by proper individual unit information. The system depends on technology and installers’ how they work. There are different types of access control systems mentioned below.

Wired Door Alarms vs. Wireless Door Alarms

When we are talking about wired door alarms, they are easy to install and can be placed anywhere on your door units. They are simple to install and can be a good fit for newly created organizations. While wireless door alarms are quick and easy to install, they are cost-effective too. They can be placed anywhere near your unit’s doors.

2. Monitoring and Connectivity

When you are talking about individual door alarms, the first thing that comes to mind is flashing lights and loud sirens, but these systems are more than that. These modern door alarm systems have connectivity and monitoring of a storage facility that will provide the needed information when a theft case occurs. The system will provide strong surrounds, security cameras, access control, and strong locks, and block thieves. These things will deliver peace of mind to the storage facility owners.

3. Heightened Security

All these things clearly show that the individual door alarm will provide heightened security to the storage facility. Having a door alarm system will tend to make your occupant feel more secure. This will have a positive impact on your occupant and they will have a better experience at your self-storage security. 

4. Indirect Benefits for Site Owners and Operators

As they clearly show, these systems will protect you from theft attacks, but these benefits aren’t enough. There are more benefits that a site owner can get from these individual door alarms for storage units. One such benefit is tracking the coming and going of their occupants. The owners will be helped by this tracking as tracking will help owners to get the behavioral information of their occupants, which will be beneficial for them to have an estimated analysis to meet the demand that may be needed for their staff.

5. Integration = Increased Functionality 

Integrating your door alarm system into your self-storage access control security will deliver increased functionality, They will have all the access to self-storage at their fingertips, and they can get all the information in real-time. They will always know the emergency situations and all the tempered statuses that are occurring at self-storage. Owners and customers can get peace of mind at self-storage.


Individual door alarm installation, maintenance, and integration of self-storage facilities isn’t an easy task. It will require someone who has knowledge and expertise to handle the individual door alarms. After that, they will surely add value to your self-storage facility.

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