React.Js and React Native

React.Js and React Native: Which is Better for and Why

React.Js is originally developed by Facebook to support its own services, but later became the popular JavaScript. A little later, in 2015, the first versions of the React Native app development appeared. 

It was originally intended for mobile React Native app development and is applied there. Today, users prefer smartphones. So a lot of people are starting to switch to React Native application development services. It provides more opportunities to optimize the final product.

There are a number of factors to consider when making your choice. Common decision factors are the scale of the project, the number of features built-in, the complexity of the user interface, the allocated budget, and the implementation time. 

React.Js and React Native: what is the difference and is it so essential?

Written in JavaScript, have the same technical basis and similar documentation. However, their areas of application are different. The standard version was developed before the general trend of adapting websites to mobile, although it has everything necessary to create versions of pages for different resolutions and screen orientations. 

Native appeared in 2015 — just at that time the trend for adaptive sites and React Native app development for mobile devices began to actively develop. Native is not much different from the standard version, except that it is better adapted for mobile development.

If we talk about technical differences, the Native’s whole construction is based on flexboxes instead of simple blocks. This approach allows for better adaptation of the content for different screen sizes and resolutions. The simplified structure:

  • The Js app is the app or website itself, made up of components that form their own tree and groups. It is the basis for both Js and Native.
  • The Virtual DOM is the middle unit where the reconsolidation takes place. It is present in both cases.
  • Render DOM is the rendering block. There are significant differences: in classic React.Js; JavaScript elements are rendered here in HTML structure. In Native, the rendering is done directly into a universal wrapper like View; Text, rather than div or span.

Benefits of the Native version

This platform has a similar technical base to Native, but it differs from React Native. Below we will consider the advantages of this tool.

Advanced React Native app development features

You can order React Native app development for Android devices and quickly adapt it for iOS devices or vice versa. This is achieved through using pre-built and tested components, as well as the availability of open-source libraries.

Large community

You can always find someone to help solve a problem. Also on Stack Overflow and GitHub, there is a lot of work in progress for projects implemented using Native.

Quick updating of the written apps

Projects written in Native are easier to run, refine, and compile. It isn’t necessary to “rehash” the whole app to make even significant changes. It’s enough to change only the necessary module. Changes can be tracked in real-time.

User-friendly interface

This is exactly what Native has borrowed from Js. It features less load time and smoother operation. The component-based approach allows you to quickly create both apps with simple and very complex designs.

High responsiveness

Native has better process optimization, which results in faster response times. This is relevant for large projects, as it allows you to feel the difference compared to your peers.


Even though it is constantly being updated, this platform is not without certain drawbacks.

Less flexibility

React Native app development is more suitable for the web. There is no problem with that. However, unlike Js, it is poorly suited to implementing desktop versions of apps.

A small selection of custom modules

Even though React Native app development has existed for quite some time, it still has poorly implemented custom modules. Yes, this is not such a serious problem if you are creating an app from scratch, but if you need a detailed revision of an existing one, then you may face some organizational problems. For example, you may need to launch several separate code bases instead of one.

Possible compatibility issues

While Native is positioned as a cross-platform solution, projects written with it also have compatibility issues. Complaining about conflicting packages or debugging tools. To solve these problems you will need to make changes to the source code itself, which requires some React Native app development skills.


React.js is popular right now. An application is built from components — like a building from individual bricks. Components interact with each other and can be grouped into more complex ones. The entire web application is one big component. React Native app development not only uses JS as a base, but almost all the structure and logic, although with its own changes.

What projects are suitable for:

  • Large or medium complexity — multiple screens, different forms, lots of non-standard controls.
  • One that has a team of programmers working on — the technology will help to negotiate faster and maintain the code better.
  • One that plans to expand — isolated components make it easy to scale logic, to use solutions already created.
  • Which have decided to update — you can add to an existing project, update the code base gradually and point by point.


There is no need to confuse React.js and React Native. They have a similar structure and technical implementation, but are used in different situations. 

Projects in them are also created and maintained differently. If you are planning to deal intensively with the web, it’s not really necessary to use React Native app development — the Js will be enough. If you are more interested in web and mobile, then it’s better to start using Native. This is the environment that is used in this area.


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