.NET vs. PHP: Which Is Better for Custom Web Development?

The rivalry between Captain America and Iron man has always been fierce in the marvel universe. A similar kind of situation can be found in the web development realm, i.e., between PHP and ASP .NET developer. As a result, businesses, irrespective of their niche, often get confused when it comes to choosing the right technology for their web development project. And why not since there is so much information available on why choose a PHP or choose a .Net development company. The following post focuses on ASP.net vs. PHP. Also not to mention that after reading the post, you will be able to make an informed decision for your web application development project, is web development hard? So let’s begin!

Meet the Contenders: PHP Vs. ASP .NET

PHP – Server-Side Scripting Language

Other than being one of the most hyped programming languages across the globe, PHP has strived extremely hard to survive as a leading server-side scripting language. It may quite interest you to know that 80% of all websites are developed using PHP web development services. Have you wondered why, why people are willing to become PHP developers, why the programming language has gained so much momentum?

  1. First, PHP web designing and development is extremely easy to learn. Whether you are a student or an amateur, with PHP, you will be able to grasp pretty much easier and at a quick pace. Also, those programmers who do have some basic knowledge regarding Java or C can quickly get their hands on PHP.  
  2. Second, other than being a server-side scripting language, it is open-source in nature. This point definitely becomes the cherry on the cake! And of course, this leads to conducting web application development projects at a low price.
  3. Third, PHP is versatile. It supports all web browsers and web servers. This means deploying to different platforms is no longer a hurdle. 

 ASP .Net – Server-Side Scripting Web Framework

Of course, these are not it! There are others, such as security is one of the core benefits offered by PHP as a programming language. Apart from offering protection against cyber attacks, vulnerabilities can be fixed easily and instantly! And now it’s time to meet outsource asp.net development 

Developed by Microsoft, ASP.Net is again an open-source, server-side scripting web framework. At present, you may find that the Net core runs on all web browsers and web servers, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. Some of the core benefits offered by the net framework include:

  1. High-end flexibility, applications can be developed using any programming language like C#, VB.net, and JQuery.  
  2. Cost-effectiveness, since the code can be used multiple times for multiple platforms. The overall cost of straight application framework development lessens.
  3. The web framework surely pays attention to security. With windows hosting, the tech is safe and secure.

Both PHP and .Net language have shown their forte when it comes to creating dynamic web pages. However, picking the right programming language or technology can enhance your web applications to the next level. So why take a chance!

ASP.Net Vs. PHP – A Never-ending War Between the Top Programming languages


Now many of you do have this misconception that it’s the choice of your open source programming language that affects the overall performance of the developed website. Where the reality is in asp.net developer vs. PHP, whichever tech you go with the performance of your web applications wouldn’t differ that much.

With easy access to file systems, both .NET and PHP developers can not just find images but also display pages on the web servers without any hassle. So if you think that PHP code is not apt, just take a look at Facebook and Mailchimp. Both PHP and ASP.Net turn out to be at par when it comes to performance.


Another aspect to take into consideration while comparing ASP.Net vs. PHP is the price. Of course, the budget constraint can never be the priority here, but at the same, it shouldn’t be ignored at any rate! And you know what PHP excels at at this point. Since the scripting language is open source and is available for free, the overall cost of development lessens. Whereas with ASP.Net, unlike the PHP framework, you do have to pay at least for web hosting. 


When it comes to community support, again, the PHP framework surpasses other programming languages. However, that doesn’t mean that the .Net community is not so helpful. Both are vibrant and do endeavor hard to solve your queries. But the PHP developers do get a faster response in comparison to the net developers. So yes, the PHP community acts as a huge benefit with a plethora of developers active on different forums and willing to offer their knowledge and experience.

It’s a Wrap!

Both the technologies are the best in their own way, but it’s you who need to choose wisely considering your needs and requirements in mind. Remember, don’t rely on other’s belief’s; instead, try figuring things out yourself. 



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