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Emerging Technology Trends In The Secure Self Storage

Self-storage and emerging technology trends are basic building blocks for an organization to get secure storage for their business. There isn’t any doubt how Technology can simply change a self-storage system. Technology doesn’t only give easy access to the storage system, but it will make the system secure and provide peacefulness to the owners and operators. 

With the growth of best self storage technology, operators and owners tend to access larger audiences with the help of the digital world to grow faster and more efficiently with less time and cost. Security Public Storage is trusted source for secure self storage units

There are various self-storage offerings from operators like biometric security solutions, kiosks, online reservation systems for tech geek clients. 

Here are some simple self storage emerging technologies that are increasing the self-storage valuation.

Mobile Apps

As we all are familiar with mobile apps, nowadays we all know there are many apps that help us in every way, but when we are talking about self-storage facilities, there are various businesses that are providing their customers access control by using mobile apps. 

There isn’t any need for access cards and keys. Now you can manage all your self-storage at your fingertips. 

It makes your simple, secure storage system by giving you access to get payment methods, making an update and renewal of leases, and communicating with storage companies by using mobile apps. 


Kiosks are helping the managers to reduce their workload by taking care of customers on regular interactions. This kiosk can take the information of the customer interaction on a regular basis and submit all the reports to the managers. 

Moreover, companies that are providing 24/7 services tend to have great sales by utilizing these tools. 


Making secure storage is the first priority of any self-storage industry. Biometric Technology will ensure all secure storage facilities. 

There are various biometric technologies that are providing benefits, including ID verification, fingerprint reader, biometric facial recognition, and voice pattern recognition. 

Using these technologies in your workspace increases the security of your business. 

Remote Monitoring

Simply Self storage owners, as well as operators, are realizing they can earn money through the installation of efficient HVAC systems and also by increasing rental rates. However, HVAC isn’t easy, and the majority of owners of self-storage do not wish to or aren’t able to manage to maintain their HVAC. In the end, it’s just another thing that makes them consider that. This is the reason remote monitoring is helpful.

Security systems that are modern allow you to remotely monitor your facility and also monitor recorded events in the event which are having some issues. Gate systems such as PTI and Storlogix can be integrated with your management software, permitting you to create individual gate code tracking activities, and it can block indecent customers using your devices like phones or tablets.


Robotics systems automated all the self-storage tasks to efficiently provide all the facilities to the security self storage owner. This robotics system was first invented in France by a French Company to interact and perform all the tasks remotely. These robotics devices connect clients with their advisors to provide services and reply to their queries immediately. These systems will also help them enable all the locks and sign lease agreements digitally. 

Self-Storage Management Software

Self-storage management software is the software that helps single and multiple property managers to manage payments, view facility maps, and facilitate them with electronic signatures. This software provides security to its data storage devices and its data. This software will provide all the facilities like data security, backup both remotely and physically, and can perform virtualization.


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