ChatGPT to Support Students While They Study

Today, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in most spheres of human activity is no novelty. It’s a persistent tendency that has its pros and cons. One such sphere is the educational sector. Many students intend to use ChatGPT for Study Support. Smart AI can help to write great essays and other academic papers.

Yet, many people do not trust AI, and we can understand their fears. There are many defects in AI-based apps and sites. It’s more reliable to write essays with the help of human writers. Thus, you can solve the issue of “do my essay” with the help of DoMyEssay, which is a competent and effective custom writing agency. It has many years of successful functioning in this sphere of services. It doesn’t use ChatGPT because it has severe drawbacks.


Yet, its experts studied this case and can share their results with our readers. The facts they offered show that this chat can be used for learning purposes to a definite extent, and the Benefits of ChatGPT for Students may be really positive.

Use It for Research During Your Student Years

One of the best and most effective ChatGPT prompts we can give is to use AI for research purposes. When the app writes its texts, it always uses official sources retrieved from the Internet. You only mention the topic, and it looks for the most relevant matches.

When you use ChatGPT to write your essays, you get a mix of sources in most occasions. It doesn’t use only one article. It always studies several options and takes the best from them to fully answer the question of your essay. The data it uses can be fully trusted. So, you can use this chat to find facts.

Perfect Examples for Online Learning and Distance

Many students embrace distance and online learning. They need to study on their own most of the time. It’s up to them to solve their issues and complete their tasks. One of the modern ways is to use AI. ChatGPT can be a teacher as it offers relevant facts in the texts it writes.

Even if you do not want to use its texts, you can use them as examples for your own projects. Perhaps you lack ideas about how to complete this or that academic paper. Ask the chatbot to assist you. It will show the right structure and how to clarify every idea. Mind that the texts it writes are always readable and informative. They are divided into logical blocks. Every paragraph covers only one idea, which is one of the golden rules of readable writing. The bot also uses bullet lists and similar stuff to make its texts more appealing and easy to read.

So, the examples it provides are very helpful for students. By the way, all the texts are written in about 2–3 minutes if their length is 500 words.

ChatGPT Can Help Students Learn, But Issues May Occur

ChatGPT gives a lot to students who know how to use it smartly.  You should not submit your AI-written texts blindly. They must be checked and improved. Why is there such a need? We’ll explain here below by highlighting the main cons:

  • No creativity. Unfortunately, AI chatbots cannot meet the demand for academic creativity. They simply cannot think outside the box. Multiple checkups have proved that every time. AI just combines the pieces of different articles into one. Yes, it is very informative, readable, and logical. Nonetheless, no phrase looks different. It will not be something uncommon for your teachers.
  • Issues with plagiarism. As chatbots do not rewrite the sentences and phrases they get from other articles, you cannot count on unique texts. It simply never happens. Every AI-written text contains a definite percentage of plagiarism. Some of them are really over-spammed. So, the only thing you can do with such texts is to rewrite them entirely, only your own. It may take a lot of time and strength.
  • AI detectable. Another thing you should know is that most educators are also digitalized. They know that some students cheat by using AI apps. So, they use another sort of app that can detect when a text is written by a human or AI. Those apps are not too precise. Nevertheless, one understands when AI helps to write a text because there will be too many AI matches.

We do not recommend relying on ChatGPT and similar tools. They can be used as a supportive source of information. They provide relevant research outcomes and great samples to follow. Use them for these purposes, and thus, you will be able to learn more effectively. Just keep in mind the drawbacks we’ve mentioned.

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