Social Media Management tools: Best Sprout Social Alternatives For Businesses

Before knowing the alternatives to sprout social, let’s first understand what Sprout social is. Don’t you ever think that with the hectic pace of today’s world, it’s impossible for businesses and agencies to stay on top of social media trends and to know what their competitors are doing? Sprout Social is a tool that helps to manage social media like posts, Ads, campaigns, and competitor analysis, business metrics.

Sprout Social’s Invention

Justyn Howard founded Sprout Social in 2010. Business tasks will become more accessible through this app. This tool efficiently schedules your tasks and maintains your omnipresence on internet.

This app maintains the social media presence of your product, and, most importantly, retains your calendar for posts.

Features of Sprout Social

There are multiple advantages to using this tool. I am mentioning this here to clarify more about this tool.

  • A high consistant and proactive plateform.
  • Manage all your social media work.
  • Having a help desk option
  • highly recommended for analytics and reporting.
  • Favorably works as a customer representative manager.

With all these features, you might think of buying this tool but let me clarify one more thing this tool does have cons that will allow you to purchase sproutsocial alternatives.

Reasons to buy Sprout Social Alternatives

Here I m mentioning why you need to purchase sprout social alternatives.

  • The pricing of this product makes it difficult to buy.
  • Limitations on platforms like youtube and others.
  • It does not provide side by side stream
  • It offers limited filters.
  • Its schedule mode only allows different times on weekends, not daily.

After discussing the sprout social tool, here you will find some other alternatives to sprout social or sprout social competitors. These alternatives are well-known social media management tools that will help you to be on task and productive.


SocialPilot is one of the sprout social competitors. This tool will provide you with the same features as sprout social.


  •  Unlimited publishing support.
  • Boost content on the platform.
  • proactive monitoring for spam
  • The bulk of scheduling features.
  • Affordable Tool.


Sprout social alternatives include Sendible, a social media management tool that will facilitate you with all the relevant features of a business, solopreneur, and agency requirements.


  • Offers features like analytics, scheduling, and publishing.
  • Provide a dashboard for social media monitoring.
  • Track followers and contact them via email.
  • Ready reports in a color calendar.
  • Have auto start Conversation feature.


One of my favorite social media management tools is Buffer. It is also a sprout social competitor, or you can say more than that. Its best part is its scheduling and posting method.

Its prompting feature lets you optimize your content on different platforms.


  • Customize the time zone by your wish.
  •  Posting options for unlimited platforms.
  • You can add GIFs and pictures to the schedule.
  • Best services on smartphones too.
  • Prompt the most features post for resharing.


Brandwatch is a cloud-based tool that provides the same services as sprout social. You can use it as a sproutsocial alternative.


  • You can enjoy the collaborative calendar feature.
  • You will know the market insights.
  • Manage Ads on multiple platforms.
  • Provide content pool.
  • Provide team management options.


This Hootsuite tool provides multiple features for scheduling and publishing. Sprout social alternatives include the Hootsuite app, which enables you to work more efficiently.


  • Offer the same qualities in the free version.
  • Maintain posts in advance.
  • Offer privacy feature.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Dashboard for monitoring.


If you are curious to know that big names like Toyota, Mcdonalds and ASUS are using this tool frequently.


  • Post more quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide an optimum schedule to increase followers.
  • Find target audience.
  • Manage CRM.
  • Provides extra features within six months.


MavSocial provides the central platform. MavSocial can store videos, social images, and graphics.


  • Provide an automated purchasing system.
  • Provide Automated posting.
  • Annalyse the content on social media.
  • Provide better communication.
  • Free 14 days trial.


Later is also one of the renowned tools for social media platforms. It provides the best services for scheduling and marketing. Their main aim is to maximize the market from Instagram.


  • Provide a free link tool.
  • Provide the customer tracking tool.
  • Provide a full dashboard for customers.
  • It provides relevant hashtags for posts.
  • Provide visual calendar.


If your work depends on social media, then you must be on your target. Your target is your audience. The right audience will let you more revenue and convert your sales.

Converting your posts into sales requires an optimum time. It would be best if you worked efficiently to turn your audience into sales. Undoubtedly sproutsocial is a very well-known tool for social media. Still, there are many sprout alternatives that also give the best options. Pricing is the major factor that lets people purchase sprout alternatives.




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