3 hacks to make your Instagram profile more noticeable

If you desperately need to promote your IG page in 2022 and you don’t know where to start, this article is for you. We totally get it: today there are way too many talented content creators out there, and they are not willing to share their audience just like that – you have to spend a day or two figuring out how promotion works today, if there are any free methods to give your resource a head start and do you even need to buy Instagram followers today? In this text you will be able to find all the answers to those questions, so keep on reading!

Post on Wednesdays and Sundays

 To make your IG resource more noticeable, try to find the gaps in the strategy of other big bloggers: for example, often enough they remain silent in the middle of the week and at the end of it. So Wednesdays and Sundays are often left half-empty when we talk about the posting schedules – people’s feeds become more spare, so you get a chance to show them what you, a newcomer, can bring to the table. Post more these days and attract attention to you – this way you will be able to interact with your already gained audience more and make the Insta algorithms see that your page is being managed decently and regularly, so it is worth recommending to other people as potentially interesting.

 Take a chance to purchase subscribers

 If you see that you’re lacking subscribers on Insta, you can make it better by using a chance to buy real Instagram followers – yes, this is a decent tool that can give your page a very quick leg up. By taking on such subs you also increase the chances of your content being seen more often, as IG algorithms see that your resource has lots of interactions with the profiles of other people, which means that you’re interesting – therefore, your content is worth recommending to other random viewers as well.

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But to make it happen you need to make sure that you’re attaining exclusively real subs, otherwise it is just going to be a waste of money. Bots and fakes aren’t able to bring you to such results, so make sure that you’re checking the quality of what you’re about to buy.

 Use geolocation more creatively

 To make your content seen by a bigger amount of random people, start using geotag more creatively. Don’t use the straight up location where you’re at right now, think of the places in your city that people might be using to monitor different events, new cafes, restaurants and pick the ones that are nearby. Use these locations to make more people randomly see your posts (make the picture as catchy as possible) and click on them, and this way you will be able to slowly gain more subs through the location tag. Hashtags are also great, but remember that today you shouldn’t be using 30 of these – 5-10 would be just enough to make people who are searching for that type of content find your stuff.

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