Sales software for virtual sales in 2022

According to Salesforce research, around 46% of sales reps have switched to virtual selling. Because of the pandemic, around 58% of sales reps are excited that their roles will change permanently. Hence, many salespeople are transitioning from their traditional role to make virtual sales by building online relationships and using virtual sales tools to get deeper insights and experience. AI is changing sales to help to increase software sales using AI generated real-time cues to handle customer objections and convert every demos.  

Building relationships with technology for virtual sales 

An important pillar that sets the foundation in the sales world is relationship building. Earlier, sales reps used to build relationships through face-to-face selling, but now they first have to build relationships with technologies before selling any products to their clients. Working with the right software and tools saves your time and increases your productivity and also it provides real time cues which show words for sales pitch to help you convert better. Especially during the pandemic, technology has played an important role in keeping us productive. Around 80% of sales professionals say that their company has evolved significantly in adopting new technologies, and 73% of people have said their technology needs have changed significantly.

Now customers expect companies to engage with them in more than one way. Due to the expectations customers set, they engage with companies in the sales cycle rather than just being led on by sales reps. Hence, to engage with customers, the sales team has to be quick to answer their queries and send any relevant information which they need to learn as a buyer. They also prompt them to do more research on brands and products before connecting with potential suppliers. 

ANZ Sales report mentioned that sales reps are not fully using customer information. Sometimes, not connecting customers on time, following disconnected processes, tools and complex methods affects the ability to close enough deals. 

Making use of data-driven insight

Now everything turned into virtual sales teams have to find different creative ways to connect with their customers online. One of the widely-used methods is to get clients through data mining and insights. Driving insights through useful data, use cases and using different methods of forecasting and lead prioritization to invite customers. 

The latest State of Sales report mentioned that the sales team who drive customers through data and insights perform 2.3 times better than those who drive customers through traditional ways. 

CRM can help you to gather insights from complex data. Using a CRM can save up your time and also help you get better customer data insights. It also helps the companies to take the whole view of business decisions that can affect various functions. The sales team can easily focus on other important tasks that can’t be automated and on their customers to build relationships to lead them further in the sales cycle. 

Finding the right prospects

Finding the right leads is another important thing that can’t be ignored. Some sales reps spend their time chasing leads that aren’t a good fit for their business. You can figure out if a prospect is the right fit for you or not by creating an ideal prospect profile, which you can do so by studying your competitors, creating the profiles and looking for prospects that fit the description of those profiles. The profiles will help you to stay on track and focus on tasks that attract the ideal clients. 

Using the sales software

Finding leads virtually gives you an opportunity to track leads, measure data, and stay organized through sales tools. Tracking leads, optimizing data and other tasks can be done by any CRM. A good sales tool like Salesken keeps you organized, automates your tasks, makes you productive, and saves your time. 

Evaluating your sales

Evaluation shouldn’t only be done when something goes wrong. It should also be done to figure out what went right and create a process so that you can repeat your success and improve yourself. You can do so by tracking every lead, measuring every customer interaction in a sales tool.  


The number one rule of sales is always to keep prospecting. Before you start prospecting, make sure to use the right sales tool to find the email addresses, phone numbers, and other details of prospects. That will help you to stay on track to engage with your leads, also help you to find the right leads so that you don’t go out to chase the wrong ones. 

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