Prepostseo Review: Best Free Online SEO Tools

As a professional blog writer, I am using Pre post seo for many months. For me, this tool is very easy and gives us a bundle of features on a single platform.

But not everyone can be a satisfied user. So here is a complete review of Pre post seo that can help many people to decide whether to give it a try or not.

Before starting let’s take a bird’s eye view of the tool.

What is Prepostseo?

Prepostseo is a combination of different tools that can help students, teachers, bloggers, and webmasters to generate SEO-optimized content as well as it is one of the best seo software for small business.

A student can use it for making assignments and thesis. While teachers and bloggers can use it to generate the value of any text or content.

Do you need Prepostseo?

In an academic as well as a professional writing career, the content matters a lot. It is the backbone of your research. It represents how well you have studied your topic and to what extent you can deliver it correctly to the people.

So in my opinion Pre post seo is important for all of us in all domains because through this tool you can:

  • Make a complete and error-free message
  • Can save your time end energy
  • Represent your ideas in a modern manner
  • Can add efficiency to your work

Reasons why I recommend

In this era of technology to keep pace with the growing world, it is important to work smarter rather than work harder. Many of us still use the conventional means of generating SEO-optimized content or read thousands of articles to enhance the quality of work.

But it is the time for us to incorporate something trendy and easy into the casual writing routine. is a good option for this purpose due to its incredible list of features.

Features that make Prepostseo unique are as follows:

All in one tool

This is not a single tool like resoomer. It is the combination of 20+ tools that can help us in every field of life. These tools are very easy to use and have a friendly interface. The most popular among these tools is the Plagiarism checker and online ping tool.

Complete guide to writing

For every kind of writing whether it is a thesis or a professional blog, you can use it. In this complete guide you get:

Plagiarism checker- With this tool you can check the percentage of plagiarized content and unique content. It also tells the sources from where the material has been taken

Article rewriter- With this feature, you can rewrite your article more professionally. It spins your text and removes its plagiarism by replacing the extra material and adding valuable synonyms.

Paraphrasing tool- After writing from dozens of resources you can paraphrase it in more simple and fluent language with this tool.

Grammar checker- It helps to remove grammatical and punctuation mistakes from the text.

Website management and domain tools

For website management, it gives almost 30 tools that include an image cropper, DNS checker, Minify HTML, PHP beautifier, and many more.

In its domain tools, you also get 15+ tool that includes a Domain authority checker, Blog search tool, Link extractor Backlink makers, etc.

Friendly and understandable interface

Besides Prepostseo many other best seo software for small business can perform these functions but the difference is in the interface. By using Prepostseo tools you do not need to follow any complicated process having a large number of clicks.

Most of its tools can be used with just one click. Moreover for every tool complete instructions and an introduction is given.

This platform also ensures the safety and security of data. Its algorithms are based on up-to-date AI technology. So feel free to use it.

How can you use Prepostseo?

Prepostseo is also famous for its compatibility factor. There are many convenient ways by which you can use this tool.

Prepostseo online tool

This is an internet-based online tool. You don’t need to download it on your device. Just go to the website and copy your material there.

It will perform your desired function with just one click. It has not only to save your time but has also eliminated the hectic work of manual typing.

Prepostseo app


If you do not have a laptop, no need to be worried.

Prepostseo is also available in form of an app. You can download it through the play store, especially its plagiarism checker. This is how you can generally use Prepostseo without entangling yourself in any difficult situation.

It has proven that Prepostseo has equal compatibility with windows and smartphones.

Chrome extension


Chrome extension is the easiest way of using Pre post seo. By adding it to your chrome you can automatically check your text. It will work on every website and on every text you wanted to check.

How much does Prepostseo cost?


After reading this long list of features you might be thinking about the pricing plan.

Stay calm! Prepostseo facilitates its users through its free and premium plan. In its free version, you can check plenty of material.

There is a word limit for registered and unregistered free users. For a student this limit is sufficient and it does not require any other premium plan.

You can get three plans on a monthly and yearly basis. On monthly basis:

  • The basic plan cost 10$ with a word limit of 5000 per submission.
  • The standard plan cost 20$ with a word limit of 15000 per submission.
  • The company plan cost 45$ with a word limit of 25000 per submission.

On yearly basis you can enjoy:

  • The basic plan cost 50$ with a word limit of 5000 per submission.
  • The standard plan cost 150$ with a word limit of 15000 per submission.
  • The company plan cost 350$ with a word limit of 25000 per submission.

Things that can be improved in Prepostseo

Although Prepostseo is a very up to date tool to be used for content creation, there may be a few things that can be improved in it:

  • As it is a bundle of tools it can be slowed down to excessive use or traffic towards it.
  • Sometimes its plagiarism checker can give an incorrect percentage of unique and plagiarized content.
  • It is compatible with different other tools but sometimes it can be a hurdle for you as efficiency can be compromised.

Is Prepostseo worthy: Summing up

There are various free and paid SEO tools available for small businesses that are quite successful and can help a brand that is in the early stages of building tremendous buzz.

Competitor research, rank monitoring, on-page and off-page optimization, and other tasks are all part of SEO. These tasks must be completed on a daily basis in order to keep the site at the top of search engine results.

In this post, we’ll look at best seo software for small business that can help you rank your website higher in search results.

After analyzing its functions for months it is a good tool in my view. As on a single platform you are getting multiple features.

The interface is very supportive and secure. Moreover, its pricing plan is also worthy. It is not too high nor too low. Anyone can afford it. These discounts are also commendable.

As far as the lacks are concerned it can be in any tool. Prepostseo needs to deal with them timely.

In a nutshell, if you are a writer I must recommend you to use it as it will save your time and also help you in the optimization and ranking of your content.

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