How to Grow Your Business With Instagram Marketing | 7 Hacks

Today you will learn how to grow your business with Instagram marketing by following 7 simple tips.

Instagram marketing is a great strategy with great potential to get more exposure for your business.

Instagram is among the top 5 most popular social media networks worldwide.

The growth of this social network is incredible.

Instagram has gained more than a billion active users in a short period of time because users like to see visual content.

More than other social media platforms, the key to your business’s success with Instagram business is gaining a more engaging audience and building online communities to attract a potential customer base.

For small businesses, connecting with your customers and audiences is important to create brand awareness.

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Engagement on Instagram is the number one reason for business growth more than your followers count.

How to Grow Your Business With Instagram Marketing

Create quality content and leverage your digital presence to grow your business in the following ways and talk about How to Grow Your Instagram Business. However, to create viral content and to get the highest ROI, working with the top Miami social media marketing agencies is crucial.

1- Create a business profile with an eye-catching bio

Instagram is a huge space for business people to get involved with multiple features.

However, to access it, your account must be a business account.

If you simply sign up with your email address or mobile number, it will be added to a normal account like a user.

To use all the features of Instagram, convert to a business profile in the settings option.

It is automatically linked to your company’s business profile on Facebook.

With the analytics tool on Instagram, you can know the metrics of your audiences, where they are interacting with your post and know the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of your CTA button.

After turning your profile into a business, focus on creating a memorable bio to grab the attention of many visitors.

All users on Instagram first visit the profile before following a person.

So Instagram gives you the benefit of writing 150 characters in your bio.

Give users a brief description of your business with creative and engaging content.

Also include the contact details such as email address, mobile number and your business location for easy tracking by your target audiences.

It is also applicable to include a link like CTA option where you want your audience to land when clicking on it.

Last but not least are your profile picture and username.

It should be unique and identifiable that reflects your brand’s personality.

2- Know the target audience and connect with them

Posting content on your Instagram account will not improve your business.

First you need to know your audiences and then connect with them to create brand awareness.

Instagram offers many ways to get to know your audience.

You can analyze your competitor’s accounts and know their followers because your competitor’s followers are also interested in your business.

So, getting more audience on Instagram will be easy if you know your target audiences.

Average audience engagement on Instagram increases 7% more than on Facebook.

If you want to increase your viewership, connect with your interaction with followers to gain attention and build brand trust with your followers.

Show your online presence by replying to all comments on your post.

Responding against their comments will skyrocket your business and increase your sales quickly.

If you get more comments, just click the like button to make a positive impact on your business.

Also collect the positive feedback from your followers or customers and post it as separate feedback to increase engagement rate.

3- Use Instagram stories for higher engagement

Instagram Stories emerged in 2016 as the equivalent of Snapchat.

You can post multiple images and videos in a slideshow format for about 15 seconds.

The stories you post appear at the top of your follower’s homepage and automatically disappear after 24 hours.

You may think that posts are temporary and therefore not useful for growing your business.

However, the fact of the matter is that your audience will easily notice stories because they appear at the top.

Instagram offers additional story features like filters and stickers.

Filters help you edit your posted photos and videos while stickers help you put some questions, quizzes, location, etc. to engage your audience and build a good relationship with your followers.

Some of the appealing stickers are listed below.

Question Sticker – With this sticker you can ask questions to your followers and get suggestions from them easily.

Quiz Stickers – You can ask your audience multiple choice questions and know the voting result that determines which option gets the maximum hit.

Location Stickers – When you visit a place and post an image or video, you can directly tag the place and your audience will also be informed of the places you visit.

Countdown Sticker – When you launch a new product or an interesting brand feature, use this sticker to set the time and date and get your followers curious.

4- Express your thoughts through IGTV

Instagram is all about visual content, and to bring out a very special application, it introduced an IGTV feature to create long videos.

With your unique content and creative skills, increase IGTV video views to increase your brand visibility and get more followers.

There are several ways to increase engagement in your IGTV video creation.

You can explain your business in a clear way and present your product visually so that your audience can get to know your product in detail.

Since IGTV is designed to watch lengthy videos, it’s very important to engage your audience with the entire video without skipping.

For this, Instagram offers a 15-second preview option on IGTV videos that appear in your followers’ Instagram feed.

Make a preview that attractively contains the brief information of your entire video and encourages your followers to watch the entire video.

You can also comment on them by leaving a short message with questions about your video and suggesting their opinion in the comments section.

5- Post your content regularly

People will check your regularity on Instagram by viewing your feed and noting how often you post your content on Instagram.

When your online presence is regular, it builds trust in your brand among new audiences.

Since you are a small business, building brand trust is essential to properly growing your business.

Publishing your content once or twice on your page is enough for your audience to know about your business.

Also, the content should be unique and creative to make the visitors your followers or potential customers of your product.

Posting to Instagram manually sometimes becomes difficult when you are busy with other work.

In order to neglect this, Instagram introduced a scheduling option that allows you to publish your content without any delay.

Know the online presence of your followers from Instagram Insights tool and schedule your post at a specific time to get more reach for your content.

Usually, the right time to post on Instagram is between 11:1 a.m. and 5:7 p.m.

Schedule the most important posts on weekend days to reach your audience in an engaging way.

Getting your content out there regularly will elevate your brand.

Instagram marketing can be an incredibly effective tool for growing your business, and utilizing a Facebook post scheduler or any other post scheduler can help take your strategy to the next level.

6- Combine with influencers

The best way to improve your marketing strategy on Instagram is to work with influencers related to your business.

They help to publish unique and creative content for your brand and increase your reach to a larger audience.

Since influencers already have a large following, it will be easy for them to engage their audience with your brand.

There are three types of influencers on Instagram;

  • macro influencer
  • micro-influencers
  • nano influencers

Since you are a small business, micro-influencers are the best for attracting a more engaging audience on a small budget that works for you.

More so than macro influencers, micro influencers will have a trusting audience because of the way they interact with their followers.

Although micro-influencers have smaller audiences, they will have audiences that trust them.

So if they post content related to your brand, their audiences will surely visit your profile to follow you.

If your total sales are low, you can send your product to them for review for free and ask them to post a video of your product review.

7- Hold contests and giveaways

Usually, people show interest when there is a promotion, discount, or contest.

Instagram is also a place to wow your audience by running some contests and giving away prizes.

This helps bring a large number of followers to your account and slightly increases brand awareness.

Use different and unique ideas to engage your followers in your contest.

You can run either a selfie contest, a hashtag contest, an Instagram caption contest, or even a quiz to encourage engagement with your followers and find new audiences for your brand.

You can also run contests in such a way that your followers can tag their friends in comments according to your contest content.

It becomes a great way to connect with your audience and friends that will also get their friends to follow you if all your posts are attractive.

Announce the winner at the end of your contest and make a separate post on your Page tagging the winners on the news feed and Instagram stories.

Also, ask the winners to share the post on their Page so more people can learn about your brand.

Reward the useful prizes that can be your brand’s product or other attractive prizes to improve brand awareness.

 Last thought

If you own a small business and don’t use Instagram in your marketing strategy, you’re losing out on a fantastic chance to expand your enterprise.

Online resources provide ample training and information to teach you how to use Instagram to grow your business.

Instagram is an excellent place for you to gain an engaging audience and potential customers for your brand.

Including the above points, there are countless ways to grow your business below a billion active users and take your brand to tremendous heights.

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