7 Methods on How to Change App Names on iPhone

Can’t easily find the app you want to access? Does it consume too much time to find the required app from a collection of applications? Its most appropriate solution is renaming the apps and its icon. Don’t know how to change app names on iPhone?

 No need to fret about it. In this article, we will show different ways to change the name of apps and icons to clear your messy device Home Screen.   

 Change App Name in Settings App

 You can change the app name using the Settings App. Open this app on your iPhone and click the General button. Next, scroll down and click the App Names option. It will show a comprehensive list of all the applications installed on your iPhone.

 Now, click on the app’s name to change it and enter the new name. After typing in the new name, click ‘Done’ in the top right corner. You may also rename the hidden apps on iPhone by tweaking the settings.

 Change App Name With iTunes

 Changing the app name and icon is much easier by editing a file in iTunes. This will help you a lot when you are not able to locate the desired app. But, before you try iTunes, there are some things that you need to check.

 Ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your iPhone; else, you may compromise several useful features. Once you do that, you can change the name by clicking Edit in the Target configuration. You may refer to online tutorials to understand the step-by-step procedure.

  Rename Apps on iOS 14

 Using the jailbreak tweak, you can rename the native Messages app. This tweak will help you to rename group chats in the Haptic Touch menu. Download this tweak and double-click the group chat name to change the name. Make sure to do it carefully to avoid data loss or other software-related damages.

 The new iOS models let users create widgets for the home screen and add their own style. After the app installs, it’ll add a shortcut to the home screen that appears as a widget. Although Jailbreaking the iPhone allows you to download third-party apps and enable other tweaks, it’s never recommended by experts.

 Change Icons on iOS 13

 It is possible to change iPhone app icons manually. You can select an image you already have or capture a new pic. Click ‘Choose’ or long-press the icon. Next, name your shortcut by clicking the right field on your device.

 Now, navigate to the Settings and tap General. Click the Shortcuts option. Change the shortcut name and icon. Then, customize the icons, ensuring you save the icon so that you can change it back. You can try other custom options on your iPhone for better usability. 

Rename Icons on iOS 12

 Not just the app names, but you can rename an icon of the app on iPhone 12. To do this, you have to find the app that you would like to change the name of. Then, press and hold the selected app. Release the app once all of the applications begin jiggling.

 Now, you can simply drag the selected app to a new place on your iPhone home screen. Click X at the app’s top-left corner to rename the app and enter the new name. The process of renaming an app is quite similar on all iOS versions; however, a little variation exists.  

 Change the App Icon Using Shortcuts

 Open the Shortcuts app and click the + icon. Choose Add Action. Enter Open app in the search bar and choose Open App. Click App and choose the required app. Hit hamburger and then Add to Home Screen.

 Now, simply rename the shortcut. Access the web browser and locate the new icon image. Access the Shortcuts app and click the icon under Home Screen Name and Icon. Tap Choose Photo and the saved picture. Finally, hit Choose and Add.

Rename App Icon With Professional Tools

 Renaming an app’s icon is not hard. You can make it simpler using a professional tool. Before you download a tool to rename app icons, make sure to check the specifications. Install apps from legitimate websites only to avoid malware infection.

 Some of the professional tools will enable you to manage your apps stored on the iPhone. Ensure that you have a full backup of your iPhone data so that if any of the apps get deleted during the process, you can restore them efficiently.

The Conclusion

 So, that’s all about how to change app names on iPhone easily and quickly. Renaming an app also provides an excellent way to improve productivity. If you can’t use the ways discussed above, contact Apple support and send a request to change the name. Similar to iPhone, you can also change the app name on the iPad using the App Store.

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