5 Influencer Marketing Rules for Your Student Business

Back in the day, outdoor advertising and spreading the word used to be the most efficient marketing trends. The rise of the Internet and social media flipped the script.Or did it?


Let us consider the general idea and the principle of these tools. The equivalent of spreading the word on Facebook or Instagram is likes and shares. Posting information on business accounts is a kind of outdoor advertising on the internet. But of course, it makes sense to post such information on popular accounts.


The Notion of Influencer Marketing

Influencers are online content creators whose opinion is important to their followers and subscribers. Depending on the number of people following these celebrities, there are several types of influencers:


  • nano (10k subscribers or lower)
  • micro (10-100k followers)
  • macro (100k-1 million audiences)
  • mega (1+ million subscribers)

Influencer posting on social media

Cooperating with such people can help your student business benefit. Of course, it is necessary to do proper research and develop a strategy; relying only on somebody’s reputation is not enough.


Influencer Marketing Rules

There is no denying the fact that a higher number of followers helps to expand the reach of one’s business on social media. Yet, this is not the only important factor in this strategy. This type of marketing can be compared to a game. And every game has certain rules that you should follow to become the winner.

1.   Outlining your goals

Most businesses start cooperating with celebrities to make new sales, it is obvious. But each business also has other aspects that can be improved with this strategy. The key is defining these aspects.


Would you like to generate leads? Or is increasing brand loyalty your goal? Perhaps, you are trying to get more engagement on your content? Defining what you want to accomplish means you are halfway to success.


2.   Defining the target audience

It will be more efficient to work with a micro-influencer whose subscribers are your TA than cooperate with a macro-influencer whose followers have nothing to do with the business you want to promote. Everything counts here: from the age of subscribers to their geographic location. And, of course, first and foremost, their interests.

3.   Considering the 3 Rs of influence

Although the word “influence” does not contain a single “r”, it is measured by three of them: relevance, reach, and resonance. Relevance usually means that the content of the creator you choose matches your industry and/or brand. The number of people who can potentially see your business through the influencer is called reach. The potential level of engagement with your brand is called resonance.

4.   Contacting content creators personally

The only appropriate way of getting in touch with a creator is a direct message. But even before you do that, try to establish a connection with them organically. It means that you should like their posts, and write comments that show your interest and appreciation.


When they then receive a message from you, they will not see you as a salesperson. They will perceive you as someone who has shown interest and activity on their page. Then you should create interest in your brand and in making a deal with you (by explaining their benefits).

5.   Shortlisting the celebrities

Sending generic messages to hundreds of famous people does not take a lot of time. But at the same time, impersonal mass messages are counter-productive. That is why we suggest that you should “do your homework”.


Image of handsome young man taking selfie with cute black dog on smartphone, posing with pug over white background

Final Words

No weather is bad, perhaps you are just wearing inappropriate clothes. The same happens with business accounts. No idea is stupid, sometimes it just takes the support of the right person to reach your customers. Do not be afraid to send out your DMs to celebrities right now!


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