10 Best PS4 Mods

Mods have finally made their way to Xbox One and PS4 with Skyrim. There are already hundreds of mods for both platforms on Bethesda.net, making it difficult to keep track of them all. That’s why we bring you the top 10 mods for PS4 and Xbox One respectively, to make your adventures in Skyrim even more fabulous.

On the other hand, if you want to know how you install mods on the console and what they can do, we have also created a short modding tutorial for you . Interested parties can also find out here why the open world of ps4 skyrim mods is one of the most convincing settings of all.

10 Best Skyrim Mods for PS4

We’ll show you the best skyrim mods ps4 so you don’t have to seek for them yourself in this guide.

  • Skyrim Mercenaries

The Skyrim Mercenaries mod allows you to hire mercenaries to help you in your adventures for a fee. The selection ranges from long-range archers to heavily armored warriors. In total, you can choose between 18 different mercenaries of all races and genders. The further you advance in the game, the stronger your companions will become.

  • Dovakhiin Keep

If you want to live like a king in Skyrim and were rather disappointed by the Hearthfire DLC, you should take a closer look at the mod Dovakhiin Keep . This offers a huge castle including armory and armory with more than 100 mannequins, so that your dwelling can be transformed into a single museum.

  • Rain and Snow FX

Sometimes the subtlest changes are the best. With Rain and Snow FX , the textures of your clothing and armor will be covered with wetness and frost when it rains or storms. Your skin will also get wet when you jump into the water. As soon as the weather clears up or you warm up by the fire, the effect disappears again.

  • Scroll crafting

Scroll Crafting allows you to craft any magic scroll found in Skyrim. The crafting system impresses with its own perks, which can be unlocked in the enchantment tree. This will make your magic scrolls all the more powerful. Suitable for anyone who doesn’t necessarily want to level up their magic values, but still doesn’t want to do without one or the other spell.

  • Waves

Another mod that makes Skyrim that much prettier with a simple effect is Waves . As the name suggests, this is used to stem the tides into the waters of Skyrim. All waves follow the laws of nature, which is why oceanic waves will not exist in inland waters or around icebergs.

  • Phenderix Magic Evolved

Phenderix Magic Evolved is the largest and most extensive magic expansion currently available for Skyrim. In total, the mod adds over 370 new spells, including completely new archetypes such as darkness spells, poison, wind, bombs, teleportation, elemental magic or the summoning of animal companions. This massive sandbox collection is a must-have for any wizard’s apprentice.

  • Rebalanced Leveled Lists

Have you ever thought why a hard-to-slay dragon only yields 200 gold coins after an epic battle? The arrows fired at the monster are more expensive! With Rebalanced Leveled Lists , this doesn’t happen to you anymore, because the mod readjusts the loot values ​​of all enemies in Skyrim, so that bosses, for example, drop significantly more valuable items than simple bandits. This benefits role-playing and gameplay alike.

  • Merchants in Inns

If you indulge in kleptomania and swipe anything that isn’t nailed down as you roam Skyrim, you’re more than likely bumping into your hero’s carry capacity, let alone Lydia, on a regular basis. The Merchants in Inns mod conveniently places merchants in all taverns and inns, whom you can sell all your junk to without having to return to the towns.

  • Mortal Wounds: No Health Regeneration

If Skyrim has been too easy for you, even on the high difficulty levels, you might want to try Mortal Wounds: No Health Regeneration . This makes every confrontation a gripping experience, because the health bar does not magically refill. Drinking potions is therefore an essential requirement for the survival of your hero.

  • Longer Days and Nights

Longer Days and Nights is another mod that creates a whole different feel with a simple change. If the day and night cycle in Skyrim has been unrealistically fast for you so far, you can now adjust it with simple means. At the same time, the respawn times of dungeons that have already been liberated will also be increased.


The above list presents an overview of the top 10 best Skyrim PS4 mods. These mods were carefully selected after thorough research. If you are looking for the best mods to enhance your gaming experience in Skyrim, consider using any of these listed mods. Skyrim is an excellent game, and if you haven’t played it yet, it’s worth giving it a try. These mods will enhance the overall gaming experience. I recommend trying out all of the above mods at least once, as they are all great options.

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